This isn't your average bot; it's your VIP pass to an exclusive club right in Telegram, where buying Passes is a breeze.

Creators: Telefrens has a built-in royalty system that puts you in the driver's seat of your cash flow. Every time someone buys in your group, ka-ching! You pocket a sweet 5% royalty. Plus, each new fren you bring aboard comes with perks.

Security? They've got it locked down tighter than a superhero's suit with Passkey 2-Factor Authentication. And for the tech-savvy, there's the slick option to tweak those 4337-enabled smart accounts just how you like 'em.

Dipping your toes into crypto? Telefrens smooths the path with its fiat onramp and is gearing up to launch a nifty one-click copy trading feature.

Telefrens isn't just a bot; it's your gateway to Connect, Share, Earn. Your SocialFi saga starts now!